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We created four different shampoo and conditioner formulations to cater to all types of hair – from straight to curly, dry to damaged and everything in between. At MONDAY we pride ourselves on using recycled plastic in our bottles, with no plastic labelling! Our formulations also exclude the likes of SLS and parabens, and are proudly cruelty free.

Of course, we would love more of our hairdresser friends to stock MONDAY. We have been inundated with requests for salons to get their hands on MONDAY. If you’re a hairdresser or own a salon and want to be a stockist, please reach out to us at contact us

It’s really simple – we’re not greedy!  We’re passionate about our mission to provide salon-quality product at prices everyone can afford.  “Beauty shouldn’t be expensive – it should work without breaking the bank!” says our founder, Jaimee.  MONDAY is designed to not only look good, but also to make YOU look and feel amazing. 

Yes, she is! Georgia is so much more than the face of MONDAY; she’s also involved in the product development and creative direction of MONDAY. MONDAY founder Jaimee and Georgia have been friends since they were little girls.

It was beauty obsessed Kiwi Jaimee Lupton who was inspired to create a range of products that provide the benefits of salon-quality formulations to all shoppers.

MONDAY founder Jaimee has met so many wonderful women over the years who inspired her to launch MONDAY. These women inspire us at MONDAY and we believe they’ll inspire you too. The current MONDAY Muses are Kristin Fisher, Rukaiya Daud, Samantha Harris and Beck Wadworth. Click HERE to see more about our Muses.


We currently offer shampoo and conditioner in four different ranges – this includes VOLUME, SMOOTH, REPAIR and SENSITIVE.

For too long big brands have dominated the haircare market, and we thought it was about time someone did something about that. Team MONDAY is committed to working in ways that help reduce costs, so we pass these savings onto customers! We’ve partnered with an industry-leading manufacturing facility, so our products are made at scale, while still using premium ingredients. 

We are not trying to rob you of liquid gold, we promise! Our bottles contain 350ml or 800ml of formulation as stated on the front. In fact, it is the bottle that is bigger than the 350ml or 800ml capacity. Our factory need an ‘overage’ level which ensures there is space to allow for any potential complications during this process, especially when the pump is inserted the formulation increasing the mass (usually by around 15-20%). If we did not leave adequate space to do so we would have formulation overflowing all over the show – which we don’t want!”

MONDAY formulations are SLS free. It is widely known that SLS should be avoided to prolong keratin treatment.  However, we always recommend consulting your haircare professional to ensure that the haircare products you use are suitable for your particular keratin treatment.

As all our formulas are SLS free! We’ve worked hard to ensure our formulas cater to all hair needs and types. For those with hair extensions, our recommendation would be to use either our SMOOTH or SENSITIVE ranges and keep the conditioner away from bonds, wefts and tapes. We always recommend checking with your stylist first, but both your natural and ‘extra’ hair will love MONDAY!

We will have the larger format bottles available by the end of July.

We are working hard on growing our product offering. We pass on every request to our product team. They are currently exploring a MONDAY treatment, so stay tuned!

Due to overwhelming demand MONDAY has been flying off shelves like hot cakes! We are working hard to restock at our retail partners – New World PAK’n’SAVE and Four Square stores throughout New Zealand. To help you find your nearest MONDAY click ‘Find your nearest MONDAY’ on the top left header.

Good question, which comes with a very simple answer… why not? We love pink here at MONDAY HQ.

MONDAY was formulated with adults in mind. We don’t recommend it for babies or young children whose skin and hair has different needs to adults.


You may have seen that all our products are SLS free! SLS is the most common sulphate found in many haircare products. However, sodium sulphate is a bi-product of some raw materials. Whilst not every bottle will have sodium sulphate in it, we cannot guarantee this and are committed to being completely transparent to all you MONDAY lovers!

Our formulas do contain a fragrance called Gardenia (it’s pretty amazing, just saying), but this is far less overpowering than most synthetic fragrances!  We’ve also snuck in an array of active ingredients including jojoba oil and ginger root extract which add to the delicious smell. We are continuously working on how we can create an entirely natural scent!

If you have any known allergies or are concerned about potential reactions to a specific ingredient(s), please firstly consult your physician or health care professional. Of course, if you have any additional questions, or want to know more about our ingredients, please feel free to contact us at

Here at MONDAY we understand that consumers have concerns about what goes into their haircare products, so we’ve published our formulations and several myth-busters on our website which you can view here: REPAIR, SENSITIVE, SMOOTH, VOLUME


All our bottles are made from 100% recyclable HDPE plastic and our pumps are made from 100% recyclable plastic through the use of PP material (all are food-grade too!).  Our bottles are proudly made from 20% recycled plastic, and we’re constantly working on ways to increase this percentage!

We love animals! MONDAY has strict quality assurance and quality control procedures in place with our manufacturer to ensure MONDAY products are not tested on animals. We also have PETA accreditation.

Our product is made in China with best in class ingredients and manufacturing facilities. Our manufacturing partner is proud to promote ethical practices and is cruelty free. 

We are exploring so many innovative avenues, with sustainability at the forefront of our thinking. We are working around the clock to come up with unique innovations that give you more of what you love – amazing quality haircare, at affordable prices! Watch this space!

Pumps ensure a measured dose of product is dispensed, minimising waste. Pumps are easy to use in the shower! Our bottles are made from a firm, recycled plastic, which is also light-proof to help with product stability. No banging, squeezing or dropping the bottle to get MONDAY out!

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